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These cats love their families and enjoy staying close, but they aren’t big on cuddling. They prefer to lounge next to you rather than occupying your lap, and they aren’t terribly demanding or overly vocal. British Shorthair cats make excellent pets for most households, but they don’t tolerate disrespect, and they don’t like to be held or carried.


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Once known as the British Blue and exclusively bred for blue-gray coloring, the British Shorthair cat now comes in a multitude of colors, but it retains its typical rounded profile and it’s delightful – yet somewhat reserved – personality.

In a nutshell, British Shorthair cats are pedigreed versions of British domestic shorthair cats that have been selectively bred over time to create a distinctive appearance and predictable personality traits.


How Do I Stop My Cat From Scratching The Floor At Night

Clawing is beneficial in cats so you should not eliminate the act. Therefore, the best way to solve this is to encourage the act on something else rather than your floor or even furniture. Cats have to relieve their need to sharpen their claws. Provide alternatives for scratching such as scratching posts. Get multiple posts and place them strategically where your cat likes clawing onto.

There are so many types of scratching posts in the pet market to choose from. You can actually make them at home if you are feeling industrious. If your cat likes scratching on your hardwood floor, you need to focus on wooden posts. Also include other materials such as sisal, carpet, and corrugated cardboard materials. Scratching patterns are different in cats but they range between horizontal and vertical scratching. Ideally, provide a vertical scratching post, an inclined scratcher, and a scratching mat to cover all patterns. Ensure the scratching posts are sturdy enough. Once your cats begin using them, they will stop damaging your floor at night.

Cover Up Your Floor

Once cats realise that your floor is appealing on their paws, it gets difficult to drive them away from it. The more they scratch on a particular spot marking it with gland secretions, the more they will keep coming back. Now, all that comes to your mind is protecting the floor by all means. Find out your cat’s preferences then cover the off-limit sports with materials that are unappealing to her paws. For example; aluminium foil, two-sided sticky tape, menthol, citrus odour, cologne, and muscle rub.

If possible, place something like a piece of furniture or a thin mat on the cat’s favourite scratching spot. Another option is to infuse the area with a feline pheromone spray to fool the cat that the territory has been marked by another cat. All these methods act as a deterrent to discourage your cat from scratching the floor at night.



British Shorthair cats have no special nutritional needs; however, they are prone to obesity as they age. It’s important to provide a high-quality diet that is relatively low in carbohydrates and high in protein.



Even though the breed is characterized by its short coat, they have a tendency to shed. Brushing your cat two to three times per week will help prevent fur from accumulating on your sofa, plus it will reduce the likelihood of hairballs.



British Shorthair cats have a playful streak, particularly during their youth. As these kitties get older, you might need to encourage play with interactive toys such as feathered wands and laser pointers. Battery-operated toys can encourage more activity, too.



The British Shorthair is a robust cat that generally enjoys excellent health. There are two known genetic disorders that can affect British Shorthair cats. Fortunately, breeders can screen for both and greatly reduce the likelihood of producing kittens with these disorders.


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We have placed this Testimonial Block at the request of our clients, whom thought people needed to know about us. Thank You to our clients for allowing us to provide them with their excellent, life-long companion. We are fortunate to have some of the finest clients in the world, with a 100% satisfaction rate.



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For the time being, our male british Shorthair Milla passed away, my husband Joseph and I were heartbroken and we weren't sure when we'd be ready to bring another kitten companion into our lives. Exactly 8 months later, Joseph my good friend forwarded me the website for Josh British Shorthair Home. We are very impressed with the kittens we saw on the website and with your overall temperament with family and grand kids. By the next day we were already settled on which kitten we wanted to buy and we paid for Charlie. The whole experience was wonderful with Josh British Shorthair Home, very honest up front people top notch. Once again, thank you null... for everything you have done for our family.


Being a newly wed couple starting a family, my wife and I did a lot of research on breeders that produce the healthiest, most beautiful kittens, with great temperament that would fit into our growing family and we found exactly that with Josh British Shorthair Home. Rocky is now 6 months old and he is an amazing addition to our family, he is our first baby. He is in great health as confirmed by our VET and he has an amazing temperament and is truly a gorgeous Kitten. I would recommend them to the highest degree for anybody looking for a Rottweiler to add to their family. Thank you once again


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You are absolutely amazing and my family loves you for all of the hard work you put into your sweet babies. Look how much happiness you have blessed me with. I was so lonely before but now no more. Finding you was an absolute blessing for me. I can't say enough great things about it. You are a true angel and my family loves you for everything you have done and still do to help us with Bella. We have bonded so well and are looking forward to having her as our lifelong companion.


We were just delighted and overwhelmed by his hospitality. His kittens are exceptionally well-socialised, with lovely personalities, and Tyler sent us regular updates about Bertie, along with photographs. It’s obvious that Tyler breeds British Shorthairs because he genuinely loves each and every kitten, and he gives them the attention and love that suggests.


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